Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Obika mozzarella bar

Obika @ObikaUK
11-13 Charlotte Street, W1T 1 RH

In the ruins of La Pearla, a great tequila bar and old haunt of mine and Shahz's, another branch of Obika, an Italian mozzarella bar has gone up. Along with my lack of interest in chain places, it's safe to say I had a few reservations on Obika. It's not they are inherently bad, just the concentration of the business becomes more about margins than the food. It's good to have your preconceptions challenged though, and be reminded to keep an open mind.
I like Obika due to their uncompromising focus on quality of produce from artisan producers. It really pays off with great simple food. 

Something that is distinctly lacking over here compared to Mediterranean is Apertivo, basically small nibbles complementary with your drink. At Obika even in the bar area, you can get a small amount of charcuterie, mozzarella and deliciously indulgent burrata. 


The mozzarella was some of the best I've had, imported from Campana a few times a week, it still squeezes out buffalo milk when pressed. The Burrata is something else. Came served in a shot glass, it is a much creamier and sweeter flavour, seemingly a mix of the buffalo milk and mozzarella, indulgence personified.


The menu is focused around their in house made pasta and pizza, again with the mozzarella taking centre fold in most dishes, particularly with the calzone ;). The black truffle and burrata risotto was devastatingly good, you do pay for it though £20 is a far bit to pay for without meat, for me black truffle not worth the extra price tag that comes with it. I'm sure many would disagree.

The Charlotte Street restaurant doesn't have the typical homely feel to most Italian restaurant. It's style and even logo are very much Japanese influenced. It's quite strange as it doesn't really reflect the artisan produce and feels more like a posh Strada. However, it is a great place to go after work, have a few bites to eat with a cocktail, with then the option of more food later. It's quite handy working so nearby

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