Monday, 1 July 2013

Bain's Big Bacon Burger

We've gone through a far amount of burgers since starting this blog. Although I don't cook many at home, burgers are best with a few mates and drinks, I'd like to think I know what consitutes the making a a fine burger, from a juicy patty, bun to toppings. Introducing the "Triple B™ burger", I put together the following

  • A good patty, I used The Butchery Ltd bone marrow burgers
  • Demi-brioche bun, from St.John's Bakery
  • Candied bacon, green streaky from The Butchery Ltd
  • Blue cheese aioli, inspired by Big Dirty Burger
  • Grilled lettuced, a la Pitt Cue Co
  • Grill Tomato slice

Keeping things simple is not really my game, and like to experiment, try new things, or bring something in from elsewhere. Hence the grilled lettuce, something I've been loving alot since purchasing the new Pitt Cue Co book. Also, I love the flavour of a grilled tomato with a fried breakfast and wondered if this would work on a burger as opposed to normal raw slice. 
Making up the blue cheese aioli to give that umani edge to contrast the sweetness of the bun and candied bacon, works well for Big Dirty Burger, so added this into the mix


Blue cheese aioli (adapted from the Salt Yard book)
100ml vegetable oil
100ml extra virgin olive oil
1 teapsoon wholegrain mustard
lemon juice
white wine vinegear to taste
large egg yolk
1 clove garlic, finely chopped or minced
100g Blue cheese

To make the aioli, add the yolk, mustard and garlic into a bowl and whisk, gradually slowly add the oils to the mix while whisking to emulsify the yolk and the oils. After all the oil has been added and whisked together, add the crumbled blue cheese a bit at a time.

Burger (x2)
Demi brioche bun
Little gem lettuce
Streaky bacon x4
Demerara sugar
Blue cheese aioli
2 x burger patties 8oz
Buffalo tomato
Mature cheddar slice x2
Sea salt/smoked sea salt & black pepper

After the blue cheese aioli is made, cut the little gem lettuce in half, use a little vegetable oil on both sides and some sea salt. Put on a hot griddle pan face down. Leave for 5 minutes, then turn over for another 2 minutes. During this time put the streaky bacon on the grill covering with demerara sugar. Also grill the tomato slices for a couple of minutes each side.
Season the patties with sprinkle of sea salt/smoked sea salt/black pepper and put them on a hot griddle pan and turn every minute.  Using a temperature probe, take the patties off the grill once they reach 55C, should be about 5 minutes, add a slice of mature cheddar on top of the patty. Leave to rest for around 3 minutes to leave it nice and juicy. 

Almost ready
Slice the bun in half and lightly toast. Spread both sides with the aioli, and set up the toppings with tomato, grilled lettuce and streaky bacon. Add the patty to the set up and voila a darn fine burger. Enjoy

Triple B burger

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