Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Goodbye Disco Bistro...for now

With Disco Bistro now finished it's residency at the Rising Sun, what better way to celebrate it's success than a closing party with some of the best chefs (and DJs) around. In the kitchen Carl Clarke headed up a 'Triple J' dream team of James 'Jocky' Petrie, James Lowe (Young Turks), and James Knappet (Bubbledogs Kitchen Table). Would there be a power struggle for trying to outdo each others dish, or a synergy for a truly memorable meal. If that wasn't enough, music and revelry played centre stage with top tunes pumping from DJs Ross Cuban, Justin Robertson and Gizzi Erskine. This '3' course meal was something I daren't miss out on

Thanks to the sponsors Courvoisier we were treated to a disco bistro punch to get into the mood, and Billy Franks specially made 'Surf'n'turf' jerky to nibble on. A powerful combination of beef and lobster, the more you chewed the more flavours were revealed; something Willy Wonka would be proud of.
After a home made sak√© the first of the snacks were brought out: a couple of lamb ribs with lovage and Jocky's chilli salt. What a fantastic start, the multitude of flavours and textures from the seeds, sauce and tender lamb ripping off the bone. 

Lamb ribs with lovage and chilli salt
Next up, still on snacks was Carl Clarke's 'Quack Fiend' of Fois gras, BBQ duck, duck skin and pickles, and James Knappet's 'Chicken' an outstanding dish of crispy chicken skin covered in mascarpone with rosemary and chunky bacon jam. I could have eaten several of these plates. By far my favourite course, and that's saying a lot considering the quality throughout.
Snacks - Quack Fiend, Chicken skin with mascarpone and bacon jam, 

That all before even got onto the proper starter of a soup of asparagus, parmesan, and duck ham. This was quite unexpected from what was written down on the menu. The top foam was quite intensely parmesan which was placidated by the slithers of asparagus and chunks of duck ham at the bottom

In no way was this in taster menu portions, the menu bared no prisoners for light eaters!  'The middle' dishes exemplified this with a massive cut of cod wing with the fins and cartilage and surrounding flesh, cooked to perfection.

'Cod wing' with apple
The smoked 40 day hung short rib was a brilliant piece of meat, what you've come to expect from Philip Warren butchers. A stunning looking dish, with the edible flowers, radishes and oil slick like feature of the caviar oil. Could have easily doubled as abstract art. With the caviar oil it was incredibly rich, could have done with probably half the portion, I couldn't even finish the cheesy chips, very rare for me not to finish my plate.

Smoked 40 day hung short rib with caviar oil and onion
Thankfully dessert was light with sweet strawberries, and strawberry granita to go with the syrup cake.  The granita was heaven sent, no doubt due to the quality of the strawberries that accompanied.

Syrup cake, strawberries and majoram

A truly memorable meal, the chefs certainly worked together to bring a meal full of flavours and creation. Although towards the end I was becoming an immovable object such was the richness and quantity of the food, aswell as the alcohol consumed. The night ended with more music downstairs, and plenty drunken shenanigans that would be best left to the tabloids to speculate! I definetly be first in line if anything comes up like this again

Chefs - A job well done
Much appreciation to all the chefs and organisers who put much effort into making this such a success. This has definitely given me more of a push to check out Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs especially!

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