Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Panino Giusto - Not just a sandwich

Panino Guisto @PaninoGiustoUK
1-3 Royal Exchange Buildings, EC3V 3LR

Enough of ubiquitous poor quality sandwich places, Panino Guisto (highly established in Milan) brings lunchtime Italy to the city. With individually sourced and imported ingredients such as fabulous 24 month aged Parma ham and Braesola from Valtellina, quality produce stands out from their usual fair. Something  as simple as this lives and dies on the quality produce especially in a such a food concious and critical city such as this. Obviously not everything can be imported, such as the bread, but they have gone to lengths to ensure authenticity by sourcing a local Italian baker who makes the panino bread bespoke fresh daily. They also have a carefully selected wine list, which the staff will recommend pairings with paninos. Great wine and ham beings back good memories of being out in Italy.

Their stand out signatures include the Tartufo - Parma ham, brie, tomato, rocket and truffle infused olive oil.
Being situated next to Bank station and behind the Royal Exchange building, it is catering towards a higher end (suited) market. It seats 30 upstairs and 60 downstairs, a simple but elegant affair. In addition to the paninos are more classical meat and fish dishes (no pizza/pasta!).
Panino Guisto kindly invited us for their launch party. Consider this a small preview of what to expect.

Downstairs area

|Only the finest Italian produce

Beka-boo - The 'Giusto' praga ham, mustard, anchovy, tomato, mozzarella

The food and wine menus

Garibaldino - Bresola, brie, rocket, tomato
Espresso with mini ice cream cone to finish

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