Monday, 18 March 2013

Yum bun, it's all in the name

Yum Bun @Yum_bun
31 Featherstone St, EC1Y 2BJ 

The tide doesn't seem to be going out for these pop-up/street food to permanent ventures. From Pitt Cue Co, Flat Iron to Patty&Bun and a few more to be opened soon, seems like not a month goes by without another coming to fruition. Now it's Yum Bun's turn in the sun (which is where exactly?).

After a few months off the streets the much revered 'Yum Bun' are back and with their own place right near Old Street tube.  It's a very simple, small unit that has not lost it's streetfood roots as it's primarily a takeaway with little space in to eat (although you can take next door to the Rotary Bar & diner). They are much the same mini luxuries of a steamed bun with fantastic flavour combinations as we've had from their stall. The menu is beautifully cartooned above the ordering counter. As well as the usual staples we've enjoyed so much of pork belly with hoisin and portabello mushroom, miso & walnut, they are joined by ox cheek & coriander, and chicken with tartare sauce. It's £6 for 2 buns, so you can mix and match if you want, or get a bento box with miso soup, salad, and a gyoza if you really feel hungry. And if you fancy sweet to round it off there is the Ice Cream bun, with coconut meringue and ice cream from sorbitum ices, another street food success.

Unfortunately, they didn't have the beef on when I got there so opted for the classic pork belly. It's simply a showcase for 'less is more' approach. The bun itself, is soft and spongy, couple of slices of pork belly, cucumber drizzled with hoisin, a liberal helping of spring onions and some sriracha for good measure. London now has it's own proper version of Momofuku's pork buns. The namban chicken with tartare sauce are perhaps even better, the crispy crunch of the fried chicken the perfect foil for the pillow soft buns. I could eat a lot of these, and I'll have to be back for the beef. Such a shame I don't work nearer, those of you working near the silicon roundabout, count your blessings. 

Yum bun. It's all in the name

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