Sunday, 17 March 2013

Second time lucky

Since we started this blog, we've managed to get through our fair share of burgers, however up until now, not had a chance to sample any of Lucky Chip's offerings, bar their tiny ones at Slider Bar. Lucky Chip have been expanding to different corners of the city, from their van in Neilt market, to Bethnal Green, Soho and now Kentish Town, while becoming Chilli Stand Off champions in between. Then, they moved onto another increasing popular fast-food staple 'done properly' with  their short lived Lucky Fried Chicken residency upstairs at the Grafton (no thanks to a cease & desist from the Colonel :(  ), and it was as good as fried chicken gets, the mash was pure indulgence as well. However it's gone now, but they are staying on purely as a burger bar. Maybe they should have kept on the chicken in a 'now you didn't see anything here, you hear' as a paper bag of edible goodies slides from under the counter.

Despite being in the midst of marathon training, my diet while 'healthier' is still far from 'healthy' but thought one burger wouldn't do too much damage, I'd been good recently. Having LC opening round the corner from me could be dangerous. I've heard mixed accounts from the 'authorities' in this meat in a bun field with top ratings from Burgerac & Burger addict to underwhelming posts from  Burgaffair & Youngandfoodish. We got cheeseburger & Royal wit Cheese, an ode to the Pulp fiction reference. Sad to say the salt levels on the patty was enough for my intake for the rest of the week let alone the day. I've got a high salt threshold, and rarely notice over seasoning, but this was inedible. A massive shame, thankfully I was offered a new one less seasoned which was fantastic. Like a reinvigorated team after a bad first half, the royal wit cheese really was worth savouring, a great patty juicy and pink in the middle. The gherkins add a nice crunch, but my taste buds were still slightly impinged from the  previous. Just shows how much importance of seasoning can make or break not just the patty but the whole burger. 

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