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Bea's Diner - Butter(milk) me up

Bea's Diner @Beas_bloomsbury
Arch 76, Druid St, London Bridge

Recently, Maltby Street Market has been getting a growing reputation for great produce and food. However, not being a particularly early bird, I've always managed to miss out on the infamous St.John bakery custard doughnuts and breakfast at Bea's Diner. Having just got back from the US I really miss epic breakfasts that aren't as frequent to get over here, just your typical english fry up. This time would be different, after an 'early' wake up managed to get to Bea's Diner for about 12.30. They advertise they are open from 9-2am, but once things have sold out thats it. So if you are planning a visit get there for before 12, as by the time we got there, no orange juice, only one and half cups of 'bottomless' coffee. Least we managed to get their amazing buttermilk pancakes and roasted strawberries, and eggs benedict. Roasted strawberries are a bit of a revelation, can't say I've ever tried these before but wow that hit of flavour is fantastic. Great start to weekend.

A couple of arches down from the St.John's bakery is Bea's of Bloomsbury's Diner. It's very discreet with it's shutter fully down and door closed, it never seems like it is open. Inside is a few basic tables and benches, people busy tucking into their breakfasts. Get here at peak times and you'll having to wait for a seat as it can get quite packed.
As for the food, they have clearly learnt lessons from America; the portions are huge, about 5 pancakes loads of roasted strawberries and a big dollop of cream (£6.50). After my US trip and now these buttermilk pancakes are my assured recipe of choice rather than the crepe version, je suis desolĂ© . Only shame was they ran out of coffee, and no real compensation that I payed for 'bottomless'. Oh well, just have to get there earlier next time, as it's a brilliant way to start the day before pondering around the rest of the delightful Maltby Street Market.
In another visit we tried the brioche french toast with caramel bananas and walnuts (£7) Absolute breath taking mountain of food. With breakfast like this you won't want to eat again till dinner.

Brioche french toast with caramel bananas & walnuts


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