Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pitt Cue Co

Pitt Cue Co @PittCueCo
1 Newburgh St, Soho

Pitt Cue Co 1 year after opening is still as popular as ever, the fanfare for it is clearly still yet to die down. On the first week of January with hardly anyone back at work, empty streets, tumble weed floating about, and yet still have to wait for a seat at 6pm at PCC. This is testament to what they do here, some of the best BBQ meat in London. Queues are synonymous with Pitt Cue, even in it's 'early' days as the trailer at South Bank often had it's own snaking queue. With incredible quality meat, from such places as Philip Warren butchers, it's something unlike anything else in town at the moment. Despite visiting the trailer a few times to devour the pulled pork, big ode and the brisket, it's been a while coming to get here.

Unless you like waiting in the cold, turn up either just before it opens or late, thankfully we only had to wait a short quite before being seated in the bar, squashed in the corner. But you aren't here for elaborate seating arrangements, even the cutlery just comes in a tin to share. Nothing OTT just good comfort food.
The menu is small with a few regulars of pulled pork, beef brisket and ribs, each comes with pickled slaw and a bit of sourdough bread to mop up any excess. Each day there is a different special, today was beef ribs and onglet steak. Much to my disappointment beef ribs weren't ready (a bit frustrating considering the already small menu size), so pork ribs it was, with some sides of chicken wings, bone marrow mash, and some more chipotle and garlic confit slaw.

Pulled pork with sourdough and chipotle and confit garlic slaw
Portions are huge, you definitely aren't going to go home hungry maybe buy some slacks before you visit here. The pulled pork was even better than I've had at the trailer previously, a great deep smoky flavour and beautifully tender meat. However, the pork ribs (£14) were a bit underwhelming, they were a little dry although incredibly meaty, not the usual flakes of meat you get off the bone from places like Bodeans.  The bone marrow mash was irresistible, I begrudged having to share when I could have easily polished this off myself. Portions are american sized, ordering more than enough sides for a few people meant didn't get to sample their desserts, next time I'll know better.

Ribs from a sizeable beast

Pitt Cue stands alone at the head of the BBQ field in London. It's just a shame their place is soo small, being cramped in at the bar level meant I couldn't really relax as people constantly brushed past. Next time I'll just have to wait that bit longer to get a seat downstairs! Definitely keep an eye out on their twitter feed aswell for some irresistible specials, including some Mangalitsa chops, and as of today 'smoked chateaubriand for 2'! 

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