Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Honestly, what you know about burgers internet?

Honest burger (@honestburgers)
4a Mead Street,

Another burger restaurant has ventured into the murky depths of central London. Honest burger have expanded their successful Brixton home to Mead St. just off Dean Street, right near to Burger & Lobster.
With MeatLiquor / Market, B&L, Tommi's burger joint, Slider Bar, not to mention those mini burgers at Opera Tavern, and a new Byron Burger popping up seemingly every month, all within walking distance; is the demand for burgers going to be saturated soon? It sure doesn't seem that way. Honest, continue the trend of a minimal menu with a choice of chicken, beef or vegetable fritter (has anyone actually tried this, surely that smell of burgers on the grill is enough to turn anyone), and the special. 
See that McDonald's over there son...don't let me see you ever go in there

Previous times I've tried to go to Honest I've been pushed for time, and there has always been a 40 minute plus waiting time to even get a seat, so have gone away with just a 'sorry we are just really popular busy recently'. However, this was a monday evening, perfect, no queue straight in, got a table and served promptly.
I don't usually stray too far from something similar to their Honest burger (with red onion relish, bacon, cheese, and pickled cucumber) but their special today was quite tempting with chipotle slaw, welsh montery jack (a great choice for a burger) and courgette. Wasn't too sure about this addition, but you only live once and knew could take it out if it didn't take my fancy. We were told all the burgers would be served 'about medium', I'm not sure how comforted this made my friend who had just ordered the chicken burger!

Special burger with chipotle slaw and courgette and chips with rosemary salt
One of the most important property for a great burger is that feeling of pure indulgence that makes it that proper 'guilty pleasure'.  Despite being such a simple item of 'just meat in a bun', everything has to work for it to produce that feeling as you take your first bite. In this case the brioche bun, the patty of dry aged beef, and Monterey Jack were fantastic. The addition of the courgette was good, but was thinly sliced and slippery, made picking up the burger was like a bar of soap in prison.  The biggest surprise was the chipotle slaw, WOW, these guys certaintly no what they are doing. Such a burst of fresh flavours but too much to overpower the rest of the burger, a fine balance. 
The chips were ok, but so many places, overly salty. They were however surprisingly more-ish. I think the rosemary salt is more like crystal meth. No doubt they've got Mr White working on that formula! 

Consistency is what matters in this game though, I'll be back for sure, hopefully these standards keep up, as I was surprised when other people had stated it didn't really live up to the hype. For under a tenner for a decent burger with chips in this part of town is worth it... even if you do have to wait.

- Owen

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  1. Burger is my favorite. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks for posting!


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