Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Santoré - Passion for pizza

Exmouth Market is a gem of a street with great independent restaurants like Caravan, Moro, and Santoré, and places to drink with Exmouth Arms and Cafe Kick. For my Birthday, I thought Santoré would be perfect, amazing pizza that can be ordered by the metre, so is great to share with a large group. I've been here before and the standard of their pizza is spot on, nearly comparable that I had on a recent work trip to Trieste, Italy. 

It's amazing value, at similar prices that you would pay in bland chains such as Pizza Express or Zizzi. We started off the evening with a nice bottle of prosecco, then between 8 of us ordered half the pizzas on offer in 2 metres worth of pizza!

Lovely bubbly
Previously when I've been here it's been packed out and have had to wait a while for a seat, however on a friday night at 7pm, was reasonably empty so managed to get a great spot near the open windows. By the time we left it was starting to fill up. Would definitely recommend getting down there a similar time.

Santoré use a huge wood oven fire to cook their pizzas, and with an Italian amongst our group, I was very keen to gage her opinion on her 'home' food, as I had been more than hyped it up! Thankfully I didn't have to eat my own words and she was suitably impressed. The authenticity of a place is always enhanced when you see 'natives' eating there, Santoré amplifies and every time I've been here it's been packed with Italians with a great vibe. Certainly not place for a quiet meal, as it can get quite loud, but it makes for a great ambience.

Polishing off one metre worth of pizza with 4 different types of toppings

Fresh ingredients make all the difference

No hiding behind the giant pizza
The pizzas themselves are great, although this time the crusts not as crispy as they have been previously. The freshness of the ingredients really stand out. As well, as the staff and chefs apparently most of the ingredients are imported from Naples. It was great to be able to sample many of the different pizzas. The sauce was ursting with flavour, and from the audible groans coming from the table everyone else was in agreement. Sharing is definitely caring when it comes to large groups of people, allowing everyne to get invovled as slices of pizza get thrown across from one side of the table to another  

Tiramisu birthday celebration
I can't comment on any of the other dishes except for the pizza, I've heard conflicting reports of these. Whenever I go there, I'm just after pizza.
Thanks to all that made it on the night, and for my celebratory Tiramisu! My favourite italian dessert, not a touch on my own recipe though ;).

Overall, fantastic pizza, one of the best in London I've had (although I'm yet to try out Saporitalia on Portabello Rd) and at great value aswell I highly recommend going if you haven't been already

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