Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Bring the beef

What's great about going to lots of different events is getting to meet different people. At the recent Burger Breakout, I bumped into Adam from who partners with @CornishGrill who supplied the meat for that event, and put me on their Cornish Food Club email list, where you can order some fantastic cornish produce. They have a stall on Maltby Street market (also another gem, I would have otherwise not known about) where you pick up your order from. Maltby street market is just around the corner from London Bridge, unfortunately when I went I did not have much time to check everything out, but I'll be back. From their stall they also have a BBQ going with amazingly priced steaks and whole lobster (incredibly fresh from Devon)

If cooking for yourself or others, above all is sourcing, if you get great meat and can cook to a good standard, it's going to stand out so much more than heavily farmed supermarket stuff. Obviously you expect to pay a bit more, but for special occasions it's well worth it. The Cornish Food Club get their meat from Philip Warren Butchers, which also supplies Michelin starred restaurants, and even Pitt Cue Co.

I had a family BBQ coming up, and wanted to get in something a bit different/special. I ordered a Whole rib on the bone (1.6kgs worth).
A great colour, and a fantastic thickness and size, it looked like a proper caveman piece of meat. I cooked it by sealing it each side in a hot pan, then searing the side where the fat is. Then placed in an oven at 140C for 50 minutes. I was going for medium rare, so before resting the internal temperature should be 55C. I then put it on the barbecue for a couple of minutes each side with some smoking chips, before resting for about 20 minutes.

All for myself?!

Magic 57.5C after resting. Magical

An irresistible colour
I would say resting is such an important and often neglected step. Otherwise all those lovely juices do not have time to absorb back into the meat, and just swim on the plate leaving the meat tough and dry. Blergh. Between 3 of us we managed to destroy the whole thing, plus some delicious pork belly ribs (miles better than 'spare' ribs) with many audible levels of satisfaction!

The pig and the cow - had the beef with some pork belly ribs, meat was falling off the bone
Hopefully, this has given some inspiration to think more about where your food is coming from, and if you are looking for quality stay away from the supermarkets, Taste the Difference, still tastes like ****

NB - Noshable are running an event at Ben's Canteen, on the 24th August with a very interesting American influenced menu

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  1. Another great post, Owen. Warren's rear some terrific beef and Philip and Ian Warren are some of the most knowledgeable butchers you could ever meet. I'm so pleased you did the beef justice. Excellent cooking.

    PS Thanks for the Noshable plug!


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