Friday, 6 July 2012

Burger Monday @ Joe Allen's

For quite a while now, I've become far to used to opening up my email to find a new Burger Monday event only to be too late and big SOLD OUT signs on the subsequent links. Thankfully patience (and luck) is a virtue and managed to book myself in for the BurgerMonday at Joe Allen's

It was a shame I didn't get to experience an event at Andrew's cafe, I'll have to wait for that. But Joe Allen's is a very nice setting with exposed red brick walls and old school theatre posters covering the place
Your first time is always one that you don't really forget and this was no exception. Upon going down the stairs of Joe Allen we were welcomed by Andrew of YoungandFoodish who showed us to our seats. It was great to be seated with other foodies who were just as enthusiastic as we were. Opinions of different places we had been to were shared, I now have no excuse not to check out Pitt Cue Co after their confirmation that it was not to be missed. Also, it looks I'll have to try out a supper club sooner or later

Not before too long our starter arrived. A buffalo chicken slider with apple and celery salad with blue cheese dressing. The chicken was very succulent having been pulled from braised chicken wings. While Joe Allen's burgers are 'off the menu' these sliders are even more of a rare commodity as they have only made an appearance this night and the previous independence day BurgerMonday here. The buffalo and chilli sauces really went well together and wasn't too heavy for the burger to come.

The red wine that came with the meals was excellent, but didn't get a chance to find out exactly what it was. Next up was the main dish of the night the notorious Joe Allen burger. Unlike most burgers it comes without lettuce and tomato, but cheese and a strip of bacon with raw onion and gherkin on the side, all packed within a brioche bun. I wasn't a massive fan of the sweet brioche bun, and chose to eat the burger as it was and enjoy the thick, lean steak patty cooked just slightly under medium rare.

For dessert was a peach cobbler. I was quite looking forward to this and expected something more like a crumble. Instead this was a 'deconstructed' version with a scone like pastry on top. After having a burger and half, I was all carbed out, so wasn't too enthralled with having a thick scone.

Shortly after we finished and the plates were taken away we had to be on our way, to make way for the next sitting. I'll definitely be looking out for the next BurgerMonday installment. With the vast number of events coming out I recommend getting involved at least to try it out once.
For upcoming events and great top 10 burgers of London visit Young and Foodish

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