Monday, 23 July 2012

Burger breakout

This was a long awaited day, not just for the Burger Breakout @ 6 St Chad's Place, but for British summer to finally make it's appearance. Burger Breakout is a pop-up from a collaboration between Dave Ahern (of  The Ship, Wandsworth,The Alex and Ben's canteen) and Cornish Grill (who also do their own monthly pop-ups) for their best Cornish produce. With the burger 'scene' in London hitting a high this was great timing to get in on the act and they couldn't have asked for a nicer day (although probably not to be slaving away in the kitchen!)

Despite being not too far from work, I've never been to 6 St. Chads Place (or even heard of it) and it was seemingly quite tucked away in a side street a couple of minutes from Kings X. But what a great venue, very spacious and airy, this converted warehouse space is a bar and restaurant during the week, I'll have to come back. Despite the inviting comfy leather chairs, I went alfresco to soak up some rays and get some, until now, elusive vitamin D top up. Being quite eager, I had arrived at noon on the dot and only a few people  werethere at that point and a couple of staff seemingly bit anxious of the turnout, but by the time I left almost an hour later the place was full. After a heavy night out I needed something to kick start the day.

Dave and his team had really pushed the boat out for this trying to put a different twist to 5 burgers of beef, pork, lamb, venison and dab (po boy style), all well explained in the write up from noshable. After a few burgers this week (good & bad, pubs in stoke have a lot to answer for) I decided to go for 'the swine time' with a minced pork patty and pulled pork, almost a double burger, with cheese, apple and jalo mayo. The others looked quite intriguing; the lamb with leeks and minted garlic ketchup, and vension with brie, quince and Chocolate sauce, aswell as a conventional burger bar the whiskey ketchup 

Glorious pork burger with chips
Dill battered pickles
After what seemed an age the burger (& some extra pickles as well) arrived. Looked amazing and the pickles were enormous compared to what I've got previously at MeatLiquor. However, not a fan of lettuce under the patty, I find, especially iceberg lettuce, tends to wilt under the heat and juices of the patty and so lose that crispness that it's there for. Burger itself was fantastic, that apple, cheese and jalapeƱo mayo was brilliant, I need to try this, maybe even just with the individual elements it worked really well. Pulled pork is a favourite of mine, but there wasn't nearly enough for me, maybe I'm just too greedy, the bite from the mince patty overwhelmed it. At last though a proper bun, after having too many brioche buns the sourdough bun which is a lot more firmer. The chips were seasoned with horseradish salt, but while they were a welcome addition I didn't notice any particular difference. The pickles were more than meets the eye. The batter was next level made with pickle brine and dill was light enough for the pickles but still had a crunch to it. Couldn't help but peel this off and devour it separately. For £11 a burger probably bit more than normally would expect to pay for a burger, but considering the effort gone into setting this all up, not too bad damage to the wallet.
So it looks like twitter again has led to another successful pop-up. The majority of people here had been led in some way from the @Burger_breakoutaffiliates posts. By the time I was finished there was already many posts proclaiming their love for their particular burger. This was the first time they had set up a pop-up, but I sure hope it won't be their last. 
- Owen

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  1. Great write up. Cheers Owen. Swine Time was certainly my favourite. All the sauces shone and, for me, elevated these burgers to something greater than the sum of their parts. Adam


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