Thursday, 5 January 2012

FD OUT - MEAT liquor

In the words of Harley Morenstein 'A d-d-dripping that meat saWce!!'. Only way to sum up a messy burger, never been as thankful that the table had a whole kitchen roll and not tissues.

Meat Liquor has to be the ultimate 'guilty pleasure' food, combined with an seemingly endless list of cocktails, all served in jam jars (minus the jam), this probably wasn't a good idea for a work lunch.

I've previously been to the #Meateasy pop up when it was at New Cross, so already new how good the burgers were, although after waiting 2 hours for mine, I practically inhaled it. Now I wanted a bit more time to appreciate it!

Meat liquor is not too far off the main Oxford street tourist track, but enough so it's only gonna be visited by those in the know, even more so with the whited out glass at the front and red sign behind wood panels

Luckily, we managed to get in without too long a wait. I've been past since and the queue has been all along the side. Inside is very grungy lit with red spotlights (hence from now on all my pics are red tinted!) and some very different graffiti and murals. It has to be seen to be appreciated.

I ordered the Dead Hippie with fries and onion rings. The dead hippie is 2 patties cooked to perfection, amazingly succulent and indulgent beyond most other places you'll find in London. The gherkin adds that crunchy texture that brings it all together for that eyes rolling in the back of your head moment. As for the fries, was a little bit disappointed with far too much salt, but the onion rings are another little delight with huge onion rings wrapped in delicate batter.

This is one place that you have to go, and hopefully you'll never go to McDs for a burger again, not that you would of course ;)

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